Discover Some Great Career Tips and Tools You Can Use Right Now To Boost Your Career to the Next Level.

"There's NO Magic Pills To Find A Job Or A Promotion." We agree on that...

You Will Need To Follow Along, Apply What You Learn. Help And Resources Are Available, but Nothing Will Happen If You Do Nothing. 

3 Career Boosters Tips You Can Use Today To Succeed In Your Job Search And Your Job Interview.

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More often than not, it is not about you and your qualifications for the job, but how your resume and your online profile sell you. So the career tips I am going to share with you are not secrets. They may look simple things, but too often overlooked by active and passive job seekers. Stay with me on this article. We are going to roll them one by one. Ready? Go! 

Career TIPS #1: Fine-tune Your Resume And Online Profile For Success.

Here we recommend that you review your resume and have more than one person like friends, colleagues, mentors and career experts, or any tier person to look at it.  You will be surprised how some little mistakes here and there may have impacted negatively your chances to get many interviews and land this dream job.

Let me share with you some links to resources I have used to revamp my resume and my LinkedIn profile. Some helped me practice and improve my telephone and behavioral interview skills as well.

These guys are experts, they know their stuff. Feel free to check them out. You'll be glad you did. These are good resources - bookmark this page for future reference:

Are You More Visual? Here is a useful behavioral interview tips video from Career Confidential (formerly PC Consulting). 

More videos and webinars like this are on their site here.

Career TIPS #2: Be Visible And Searchable Online.

If you followed well Tips #1, tips #2 is a no-brainer. Whether you are an active or passive job seeker, you need to be visible and searchable for hiring managers to find you. LinkedIn is the most powerful networking platform for job seekers. If you are not using it to its fullness right now, you are missing out.

I have received great insights following this guide from Career Confidential. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of free and paid resources online about LinkedIn if you take time to do a little search. Learning how to create a LinkedIn Profile that sells could be your stepping stone for your next career movement. Check it out.

Not sure if you need a "remake" of your LinkedIn online resume?

Answer these 3 questions to help you gauge your LinkedIn potential or lack of it:

  1. How many LinkedIn contacts do you have - excluding your friends and relatives? Less than 500, you don't know what you miss.
  2. How many invitation requests do you receive daily, weekly or monthly? No don't count those from your friends, relatives and close connections.
  3. How many views do you receive per day/week?


Do you see the potential? My friends at Career Confidential have very simple, step by step modules to knock this thing out for you. If you are in the job search, you cannot underestimate the power of LinkedIn.

Put another way. If your LinkedIn profile "sucks" and not appealing to your target audience - which are hiring managers and influencers in your field - by all means please do something about it.  Decide today to build a LinkedIn profile that attract hiring managers like a magnet.

Career TIPS #3: Go Get It! Apply But Be SMART...

Let's assume you have a great profile and an astounding resume (if not go back to tips #1 and #2), but still no job, no offer, no interview... yet hopefully. My simple advise is to get yourself out there and search who is hiring.

No, I am not saying sending resumes online like thousands and thousands of job seekers like you do.

Experts advise and your own experience will tell you that sending desperate resumes online will not get you noticed and anywhere.

But take this step to search who is hiring, where they are located and how to contact them. Be proactive! Recruiters and hiring managers love to see these characters in an applicant.

Here are some action steps to help you accomplish this right now. No more delay...

Step 1. Check the resources on Tips #1 and follow Tips #2. It doesn't have to be these resources. It can be anything you have already. But ensure that your profile is awesome and ready for step 2.

Step 2. Find who is hiring in your area. It can be on Google, with any online job search applications like Indeed, Jobmonster.

But Avoid distractions that is easily found online. Stay focus on your goals. That is why I highly recommend The Ladders.

The Ladders has an enhanced database of 97,857 employers and recruiters. They provide great career support to help you find the recruiters you should know and can connect to confidentially. Try them Free.

Step 3. Get a reference whenever possible.  Contact them via email or telephone. If done smart, you are most likely to get good results. Well, in general, some recruiters will tell you not to contact them. But in my own experience, I have received positive feedback in more than 80% of time I have sent a well crafted email or make a decent direct call to the hiring manager or the company. Give it a try! you will be surprised to see the difference.

Don't know how to do all this? Check Career Confidential Upcoming LIVE Webinars to Get Your Interview Questions Answered.

Hope you find these career tips and resources useful. If you do, please share this page with your friends and contacts on Faceboo or twitter who might need it to take actions. Help somebody get or increase his paycheck next month.

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